Why Buy a Car Alarm?

1 vehicle will be stolen every 9 minutes and 1 in 4 will not be recovered so don't be a statistic!!!

So called "factory security" simply does not provide the protection, peace of mind and security that a “Quality” Aftermarket System can offer.

Statics consistently show that Car Theft is on the decline however they fail to mention that in 2011 there were 44660 reported thefts in Victoria alone!

Opportunistic thefts (short term or joy ride) are on the decrease however Theft for Profit still remains consistent in offences and climbing when you take into consideration the value of the goods stolen!

Put a value on your contents
iPod / iPad / iPhone
Portable Hard Drives
Lap Top
Sporting Equipment
Portable Navigation units
Spare Wheel (The most common item stolen from rental cars)
Tool Box
Aftermarket Audio Equipment
Aftermarket Wheels and Tyres

Auto theft and content theft is a nationwide problem, and cars get stolen in virtually every city and town in Australia. Viper systems are designed to deter thieves on multiple levels:

  1. The bright blue flashing LED next to your mirror or on your dashboard, and the Viper sticker on your window lets thieves know your car is protected by the best-selling security system in the world. Experienced thieves don't want the hassle – they typically move on to an unprotected vehicle.
  2. The Viper system detects blows or impacts to the vehicle with the dual-stage Stinger® DoubleGuard® shock sensor, which is sensitive enough to distinguish a light touch (which elicits siren chirps) from an aggressive intrusion attempt (which provokes the full wrath of the Revenger® 6-Tone Siren).
  3. Every Viper security system comes with the Failsafe® Starter Kill, designed to prevent "hot wiring" and to keep your car where you parked it. The combination of the shock sensor, siren and starter kill immobilizer provides multiple layers of protection against content theft and auto theft.
  4. Battery Back Up sirens are standard with most Viper Alarms and will continue to sound even if the intruder cuts power to the system.

Experts recommend Layers of Protection

The four major layers recommended are :

  1. Common Sense
  2. Warning Device
  3. Immobilizing Device
  4. Tracking Device

Viper is your best bet for layers 2, 3 and 4 – and even though we don't sell Common Sense, we think it definitely might be common sense to protect your vehicle investment with a Viper!

The average stolen vehicle costs the owner $$$$$$ – plus a lot of hassle!

When your vehicle gets stolen – it opens up a can of worms. You need a police report, and then you need to deal with your insurance company. Then you have to rent a car, or bum rides from people, or take the bus. You might get your car back or you might not, which delays your decision to buy another one. And if you do get it back it might be trashed. It's so much better to avoid having your car stolen in the first place, with a well-installed Viper alarm.

False Sense of Security – you may think you're protected... or are you?

You have never had an alarm and nothing has ever happened.... Don’t kid yourself it “HAPPENS” every 9 minutes!!

Many people come home from purchasing their new car with some kind of remote control on their keychain. (We call this a "factory remote" because it came from the factory that built your car.) But is there a true, full-featured security system on your new car, or just keyless entry? One way to check is, roll your window down part way and lock your car with the remote. Now reach in and open the door. Does your horn honk? No horn – no security.

You have never had an alarm and nothing has ever happened.... Don’t kid yourself it happens every 9 minutes!!

If your horn does honk, that means you have some security – if the thief opens your door. But what if they break a window and then reach in or climb in? Very few factory security systems include a shock sensor. That's the Viper advantage.

Real security and peace of mind – with Viper!

Please spend some time checking out the Viper systems on vipersecurity.com.au


I travel both domestically and internationally and enjoy the convenience of airport long term car parks. Viper Smart start allows me the peace of mind of knowing exactly where my car is while I’m away and also allows me to start and charge the battery if I should receive the low battery warning.

James, Bentleigh 3204

We invested in Viper Smart Start to monitor where and what our 18 year old son was doing in the family vehicle. Speeding, location we get instant alerts.

Judy and Kelvin, Mascot 2020

Viper Smart Start allowed me to personally retrieve my uninsured vehicle from the thief. No Police no insurance claims and no stress.

Barry, Jindalee 4074

People always say alarms do not deter car theft. I returned to my car in a major shopping centre to find the lock and window damaged but the car was still there with all of my possessions thanks to Viper.

Sarah, Dandenong 3175

My Viper Alarm was fitted with additional Tilt sensor to aid in protecting my wheels. After losing $2750 worth of wheels and tyres it was a small price to pay for the added security!

Peter, Bundall 4217

No more false alarms now I have a Viper! Living in a small quiet residential street and alarm activation at 4am due to a garbage truck can be very annoying. Out with the old and in with the new, Thanks Viper.

Melissa, Adelaide North 5006

Genius Idea! With my old car alarm if my alarm was going off and I pushed the remote it would unlock the doors...... not with my Viper it needs a double push to unlock when going off. Now that is security.

Joe, Koongal 4701