Viper SmartStart FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the SmartStart system require a Viper alarm to operate?
    The Viper Smart Start will work as a standalone unit (utilising 4 outputs and 1 input) or in conjunction with a Viper Alarm (5902/5702/5202/3303/3302V). Please note that when used without a Viper alarm some functions may not be available.

  2. What alarm should I fit the system with if I require remote start?
    Viper Alarm 5902/5702/5701/5601/5904/5704.

  3. If I fit Smart Start with a non remote start alarm will the remote start still work?
    No if fitted with Viper 3303 and 3302 the system will do all commands except remote start.

  4. Can Smart Start be connected to a factory alarm or upgrade?
    Smart Start can be fitted in conjunction with most factory systems and aftermarket upgrades; however some functions may not be available.

  5. What phones is the application applicable to?
    Smart Phones that utilise App Store, Blackberry App World and Android Market.

  6. What is included in the purchase price of $399.00?
    The purchase price includes all Viper Smart Start DSM250I hardware only. It does not include installation, or service plan. The consumer selects and activates the service plan after installation.

  7. What is the cost of the service plans and what do they include?
    Three service plans are available $69/$99/$129 per year. Inclusions and features may be viewed here.

  8. Why am I required to pay a service plan?
    The Viper Smart Start DSM250I comes with a SIM card embedded. The service charge includes all data transfers for 365 days with no excess charges. This ensures two way communications with the vehicle.

  9. Can I upgrade my Service plan?
    Once selected and purchased the service plan is valid for 12 months. Please choose carefully.

  10. How do I renew my service plan?
    The service plan will automatically apply payment via PayPal when due again.

  11. What is installation cost?
    Installation cost will vary, typically $100 - $ 150.

  12. How many phones can operate one module/Account?

  13. Will the “find my car function work in a multilevel Car Park?
    The Viper Smart Start module is similar to a mobile phone and is dependent on Network and GPS reception.

  14. What is the expected response time from Phone to module?
    Dependant on telco networks response time can vary from 5-10 secs.

  15. If someone gains access to my phone can they then also gain access to the vehicle?
    The Smart Start App has the ability to be passworded. We recommend that a different password is use to that of the phone.

  16. What warranty is offered on Viper Smart Start?
    12 Months.

  17. Can the system be removed and fitted into another vehicle?

  18. How does speed alert work?
    Leaving your car with a tradesman or a friend? Simply set the notification speed to receive notifications if the selected speed is exceeded.

  19. How does Hot Spot work?
    You will receive alerts if the vehicle approaches within .5-25Km of a set location.

  20. How does Smart Fence work?
    You will receive alerts if the vehicle moves 1-25Km of a set location.

  21. What is lockdown?
    You will receive alerts when the car is moved from its current position. This feature protects against towing and theft.

  22. Does the unit rely on GPS or Mobile coverage?
    Communication is done via mobile 3G coverage. GPS is utilised for the tracking/locating portion of the unit.

  23. How does the Viper APP communicate with the vehicle?
    All communication is done using the data allowance (not SMS) please ensure that you have a data plan attached to your Smart Phone contract.

  24. If the car battery is flat will the unit still work?
    No the unit needs a constant 12 volt power source to function. If the feature is turned on you will receive a low voltage alert before the car loses all power.

  25. I am not receiving alert notifications if not in the Smart Start App.
    In settings on your Smart Phone ensure that you have selected “Allow Notifications” in the set up of the Smart Start App.

  26. What network does the unit use?
    The Viper Smart Start Roams on the Telstra network.