Viper SmartStart

SmartStart GPS

SmartStart Bluetooth


The Viper SmartStart GPS (VSM250i) is a revolutionary new product that allows seamless control and communication between your smartphone, and your vehicle via the Viper SmartStart app.

Now you can control, track, locate and start your car from almost anywhere with your smartphone. Annual subscription required, but no other ongoing or data charges.

The Viper SmartStart Bluetooth Module (VSM50BT) connects your vehicle and smartphone with Bluetooth® technology, allowing you to control your car via the Viper SmartStart app.

Vipers’ Bluetooth module is an affordable way to SmartStart your car. No annual subscription, ongoing costs or data charges.

With the Viper SmartKey module, you will never have to press a button to get into your vehicle again. Using the Viper SmartStart app. All you need is your smartphone in your pocket or purse.

Install Viper SmartKey as a standalone unit to lock and unlock your doors, or add it to virtually any Viper security or remote start system allowing you to control your car with your smartphone.