What is Viper SMARTSTART?

Viper SmartStart Connects Your Car like never before, providing an entirely new level of 2-way interaction with your vehicle. Connectivity is managed through our cloud services network linking car and app.Control multiple vehicles with a single account – great for families! – and assign more than one user to control a vehicle.

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  • Locate on live maps
  • Real time tracking
  • Speed alerts
  • Movement & location alerts
  • Lock / Arm
  • Unlock / Disarm
  • Boot Release
  • Panic
  • Auxiliary Channels
  • Pre-cool / pre-heat your car
  • Remote start from almost anywhere*
  • Works with AUto & Manual cars
* Requires a Viper 5 Series alarm system or DBALL2 installed
  • Active unlock alerts
  • Easy car park location
  • Vehicle diagnostics alerts
  • GeoFence alerts.... and much more


iphone and iwatch with smartstart 4.0

Viper’s SmartStart 4.2

What’s New in v4.2
Enhanced remote start feedback: Ever started your car from your smartphone, but weren’t sure afterwards if the car was actually running? No problem with v4.2, the app confirms the command and then follows it up a few moments later to let you know if the engine is running, or stopped (digital systems only). The details are provided right on the dashboard too, no need to check the status page.

Enhanced command feedback: Now when you send a command to your SmartStart system, the app provides the details for the command right on the dashboard and keeps them there in case you forget and want to check back later to confirm what happened. Doors locked at 8:30AM? Check! (all systems)

Last command sent: Tired of having to refresh the Status page and wait for it to update just so you could check on whether you remembered to lock the doors? Now you can simply open the Status page and your last command sent is displayed at the top.

New Help page: Allows SmartStart users to troubleshoot issues, leave us feedback, or connect directly with our support team through the app.

Push Notification for Android: All of your important vehicle alerts will now be delivered through push notification.

Other bug & crash fixes: Good news! We’ve found and fixed the bug that was causing the iOS app to occasionally log users out when they relaunched the app.

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iphone and iwatch with smartstart 4.0

Viper’s SmartStart 4.0

Viper’s SmartStart 4.0 is a quantum leap in SmartStart functionality delivering smartwatch compatibility and a completely new and improved smartphone app interface and functionality.

Locate, track, control & start your vehicle from virtually anywhere with your smartphone or smartwatch. Have your watch guide you to your car. Tap your wrist to unlock your doors. Say the word and your engine starts.

SmartStart 4.0 is compatible with all existing Viper SmartStart hardware, providing current and future users with an intuitive user interface and quick access to all key features.

Viper SmartStart 4.0 is now available for iPhone, Apple Watch, Android Smartphones and Android Wear. A beta version is now available for Android users and the full version of the Android app will be available in late Sep 2015.

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Best Mobile App Awards awarded our Viper SmartStart 4.0 is the Winner of September 2015 Awards - Best Social/Lifestyle App! 
Whats New in SmartStart 4.0?

Updated App Design
Updated Breakthrough app design and functionality brings a fresh look and simplified navigation that is faster and easier to use
Smartwatch Compatible
SmartStart 4.0 is tailored to work with your Apple Watch or Android Wear device
New Hardware
Faster response, less power consumption, and superior nationwide coverage
And more...
Enhanced 2 Way communication, local vehicle weather displayed in app, real time GPS location and speed alerts, manage account inside the app, set map as default page, dynamic backgrounds, SmartKey support for both iOS and Android
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